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My Priorities


21st Century Transportation, Water and Energy Infrastructure

Infrastructure expenditures typically lead to job creation and are a  strong economic multiplier, resulting in productivity gains which can bring very low interest rates creating an ideal environment to fund infrastructure projects.   Tucson's  issues are a symptom of poor planning, financial management and irresponsible budgetary practices.

Public Safety

Public Safety should be the most important task for our city government.  Citizens safety should be top priority and should be expected. I will work with our public safety leaders to provide them with the resources needed to protect our community. 

Tucson's Economic Development

I want to help attract new technologies and industry to better Tucson's economy which will bring up the living standards of all.  I will commit to bringing in 10,000 new higher paid jobs to Tucson .


I pledge to continue working with and promoting our public and private education institutions throughout the City.


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